Paragon Drive Backup

Paragon Drive Backup Personal Edition 9.0

Protect your system and data against disasters


  • Many different backup options
  • Optimises and backs up


  • Takes a while to backup
  • Takes a while to explore different backup options

Not bad

Protecting yourself against the worst is something that all PC users should do since you never know when your hard drive might just decide to die on you.

Paragon Drive Backup is an all-in-one backup utility that gives you a host of backup options in a few clicks. By using Paragon Drive Backup, you can fairly simply undo software malfunctions or crashes, and safeguard your data. Not only that, but Paragon Drive Backup optimizes storage utilization to keep your system running at top speed.

For instance, Paragon Drive Backup can help you free up lost disk space via the Smart Backup option which can help detect those areas of your hard drive which are being wasted or underutilized. What's most useful about Paragon Drive Backup is that it enables you to create a rescue drive - even one that can fit on a USB stick - so that your system can be restored via the USB drive if it fails.

There are so many other backup options with Paragon Drive Backup that's it's impossible to list them all but they include booting from a Backup Capsule, file filter and it now supports backups to Blu-Ray.

Paragon Drive Backup is an extremely comprehensive backup tool that probably goes beyond what the average user needs but for serious backups, it's a top notch solution.

Paragon Drive Backup


Paragon Drive Backup Personal Edition 9.0

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